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Through March, when you purchase the 2016 Torts Deskbook at its regular price of $325, you will receive the Sources of Proof Deskbook free! Take advantage of this limited-time BOGO offer and save $115 off the price of both volumes priced separately, a savings of nearly 30%. Offer good through March 31 or while supply lasts.

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Collapse Deskbook - Construction Law

The unique and technical character of the construction industry and the law surrounding it create complex considerations and problems for owners, contractors, design professionals, and the attorneys who represent them. In this deskbook, prominent and experienced construction law attorneys provide practical and comprehensive guidance for the difficult issues that arise before, during, and after the construction process on topics ranging from bidding to bonds to employment issues. 

2nd edition, 2004 (966 pages)

2016 Supplement (177 pages) Includes new chapters 5 & 7

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Collapse Deskbook - Consumer Law and Practice

Consumer Law and Practice will serve as a resource for you in representing clients damaged by fraud and deceptive trade practices. The book begins with a well-organized chapter that serves as a veritable checklist of the possible causes of action in a consumer case. Successive chapters focus particular types of consumer fraud, including sales related to vehicles and homes, debt collection, payday loans, credit reporting issues, identity theft, and investments and securities. Since many consumer contracts include a provision regarding arbitration, there is also a chapter discussing how to navigate that process and avoid common pitfalls.  Of particular note is the chapter on attorneys fees in consumer cases - helping you get paid -- including a list of fee-shifting statutes, coverage of pleading and proof of fees, and two sample fee agreements.

3rd edition, 2010 (596 pages)
Includes full-text CD

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Collapse Deskbook - Creditors

This practical how-to book covers the gamut with respect to creditors' remedies, including judgments, as well as the mechanics of execution, garnishment, attachment, collections, mechanic's liens, and replevin actions. Also discussed is Fair Debt Collection Practices Act compliance and what to do in the event of a debtor's bankruptcy filing. The included, full-text, searchable CD contains numerous sample forms. The 2014 Supplement updates statutes and caselaw discussion and findings on these and other issues and includes a new section on federal wage garnishment, including a chart on the garnishment of accounts containing direct deposited federal benefits.

6th edition 2009 (391 pages),

Includes full-text CD and 2014 Supplement, 94 pages

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Collapse Deskbook - Sources of Proof

Each chapter of the fifth edition of Missouri Sources of Proof is a comprehensive presentation of using a particular source, such as presumptions, judicial notice, records, discovery methods, exhibits, and others. It covers the major types of proof and how to use them -- from the initial client interview to trial.  The book also includes practical tips, checklists, as well as a chart of commonly encountered presumptions, their sources, and the level of evidence needed to rebut them.  You will also find helpful resources such as sample forms, practical tips for finding expert witnesses, a thorough witness interview checklist, extensive information on HIPAA, and a glossary of medical abbreviations and symbols and their meanings.

5th edition 2014 (679 pages)

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