This Guidebook presents the basics of drafting simple wills and trusts and provides sample forms, annotations, suggested clauses for special situations, and questionnaires. The authors, Emily J. Kembell and Clifford S. Brown, guide you through the process in this guidebook that will save you (and your clients) time, money, and frustration. The authors provide practical advice on advising clients and alternatives to probate.  Included is a chapter on health care directives and durable powers of attorney for health care.  The second edition includes a new chapter on qualified spousal trusts and updated forms, including a new qualified spousal (joint) trust agreement, in the chapter on revocable inter vivos trusts.

2nd ed. 2013 (203 pages)

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Guidebook - Drafting the Basic Will & Trust


1   |   Introduction
2   |   Basic Form of Simple Will (Without Annotations)
3   |   Annotations to Form a Simple Will
4   |   Suggested Clauses for Special Situations
5   |   Health Care Directive or Living Will
6   |   Will Establishing Testamentary Trust for Minor Children
7   |   Revocable Inter Vivos Trusts
8   |   Missouri Family Trust Fund
9   |   Qualified Spousal Trusts


  • Notice to Creditors of Deceased Settlor of Trustee’s Authorization to Pay Debts  |  §9
  • Basic Estate Planning Questionnaire   |  §10
  • Basic Form of Simple Will (Without Annotations)   |  §11
  • Clause for Appointment of Guardian of Person and Conservator of Estate for Minor Children  |  §25
  • Clause for Gift for Charitable Purposes   |  §27
  • “In Terrorem” Clause   |  §28
  • Form of Health Care Directive/Living Will   |  §30
  • Form of Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Under Chapter 404, RSMo   |  §32
  • Form of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 Authorization   |  §34
  • Form of Will Creating Testamentary Trust for Children   |  §35
  • Form of QSJT (Qualified Spousal (Joint) Trust) Agreement   |  §38
  • Form of Revocable Inter Vivos Trust for Single Persons   |  §40
  • Form of Pourover Will to Use With Joint Revocable Inter Vivos Trust   |  §42
  • Sample Portion of a Revocable Trust Form for Creating a Basic QSJT   |  §51
  • Sample Portion of a Revocable Trust Form for Creating a Separate Share QSJT   |  §52
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