Experts in DWI cases come from many disciplines and have a wide variety of experience. In this second edition of the DWI Experts and the Science of Chemical Tests guidebook, the late attorney and forensic scientist Lawrence E. Wines guides you through the evaluation and selection of experts and how to use them to help your client; explains the science of chemical tests and potential challenges to test results; and stresses the importance of expert evaluation of police reports and factors to be considered in preparing a defense. This handy book will let you quickly determine how to use a DWI expert to protect your client.

2nd ed. 2014 (163 pages)

Guidebook - DWI Experts and the Science of Chemical Tests


1   |   Introduction

2   |   Legal Standards

3   |   Types of Experts and Reports Used in Driving While Intoxicated Cases

4   |   Expert Evaluation of Driving While Intoxicated Cases and Expert Reports

5   |   Expert's Dissection of Police Report

6   |   Science of Chemical Tests to Determine Blood Alcohol Content, Physical Variables, and Department of Health and Senior Services Regulation Changes 2012 - 2013

7   |   Challenges to Chemical Test Results

8   |   Drug Tests, Driving Under the Influence of Drugs, and Drug Recognition Experts

9   |   Forensic Standard Should Be Applied in All Criminal Cases

10 |   Conclusion


  • Example of a Challenge to the Admissibility of Breath Test Results That Is Based on Prejudice  |  §83
  • Sample Objection to the Admission of Breath Test Results Based on § 490.065,RSMo 2000  |  §84
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