BREAKOUT SESSION 11 | How to Mediate Your Workers' Compensation Cases Without Getting Hurt!

This program will cover the fundamentals of mediation while discussing the key elements of what makes mediation before the Division of Workers' Compensation productive. The panel offers the experience and insight of a mediator, attorneys who represent Employees and Employers/Insurers and Administrative Law Judges.
Speakers: Nancy R. MogabCurtis, Heinz, Garrett & O’Keefe, St. Louis; Simone A. Haberstock, The Law Offices of Simone A. Haberstock, LLC, Richmond Heights; Hon. L. Timothy Wilson, ALJ Retired, Allen, Nelson & Wilson, Springfield; Sally I. HellerThe Heller Law Firm, LLC, St. Louis; Hon. John K. Ottenad, ALJ, Manchester; Michelle M. SymankEvans & Dixon, LLC, St. Louis