ALL ABOUT BUSINESS TRACK | LAWTalks – Cybersecurity, Employment Post COVID-19, What You Need to Know About Big Tech Antitrust Cases, and Clients' Charitable Giving in an Era of Looming Tax Reform

Cybersecurity Nightmares to Avoid for Law Firms
Presenter: Daniel Nelson, 
Digital Silence, Denver, CO

Employment Issues – New World Red Flags and Policies - Post COVID-19
Presenter: Camille Roe
, Jackson Lewis, Kansas City

Antitrust – Stories of Market Domination, Preserving Competition
Presenter: Nicci Warr, 
Stinson, LLP, St. Louis

Addressing Clients' Charitable Giving Priorities in an Era of Looming Tax Reform
Presenter: Laura McKnight
, Creative Planning, Kansas City
Meeting clients' charitable giving goals in their estate plans has become increasingly complex as tax laws change and pressure increases on tax policy. This presentation will offer insights in how to raise the issue with interested clients; stay current on relevant legislative developments; and be authentic in your approach.