PROBATE, TRUST AND ELDER TRACK | Practical and Ethical Considerations in Expanding a Probate/Elder Law Practice to a Regional or Statewide Practice (Qualifies for 1.1 Ethics credit)

Presenters: Jessica Rooks, Rooks Law Firm, Kirksville; Daniel P. Wheeler, Kirkland Woods & Martinsen LLP, Kansas City

Forum Moderator for Sept. 28 Encore Session: John Challis, Kirkland Woods & Martinsen, LLP, St. Louis

The availability and acceptance of audio/visual technology creates opportunities for Missouri attorneys to geographically expand their probate and elder law practice to a regional or statewide practice. The learning objective is to have all attendees understand the practical and ethical considerations in expanding their practice in this manner and to be able to apply the appropriate procedures.  

Issues to be discussed include: 1) Marketing to a broader audience; 2) Retaining client confidentiality and attorney-client privilege for non-in-person communications; 3) Ethical rules regarding what state you are practicing law in; 4) Conflict rules; 5) Local court rules and appearing in Court remotely; 6) Presentations by remote technology; 7) Remote execution of documents and document retention; and 8) Cloud-based client portals.