PROBATE, TRUST AND ELDER TRACK | Modern Technology in Estate Planning Practice - Developments Based on Uniform Laws Including UEWA and RUFADAA

Moderator: Prof. David English, University of Missouri School of Law, Columbia
Presenters: Prof. Patricia Fry, University of Missouri School of Law, Columbia; Suzanne Brown Walsh, Murtha Cullina Attorneys at Law, Hartford, CT

Our world and our lives, whether we like it or not, have become digital.  Now we are moving from the pandemic and executive orders authorizing the use of electronic technologies in estate planning to legislation permanently authorizing electronic wills and remote notarization.  Missouri has enacted the Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act, as well as statutes governing remote online notarization.  The Uniform Law Commission’s Electronic Wills Act [2019] offers a coherent model for the use of electronic technologies for the execution of wills.  This program will explain how these statutes present opportunities to estate planners.  This program will provide an introduction to assist you as you evaluate the potential of each development for you and for your clients.  You will:

•    Learn how an electronic will may be executed
•    Learn how RUFADAA helps fiduciaries access digital assets
•    Learn what remote online notarization is and how it works