Live: David Ball on Criminal Defense: How to Win at Trial

Co-founder of Reptile, David Ball has a wealth of information to share related to trial techniques.  Whether it is using theatrical techniques to achive positive outcomes in the courtroom or discussing how to maximize limited voir dire, his experience makes him one of the most in demand CLE speakers.  For this sesssion, Dr. Ball partners with Richard Jaffe to deliver their insights related to criminal defense.  Mr. Jaffe is an extremely successful criminal defense attorney having represented over sixty five death peanlty eligable clients.  He is one of few attorneys who can boast that, of those cases, not a single client is on death row or has been executed. 

All attendees will receive a free e-book titled, "David Ball on Criminal Defense"

Speaker: David Ball, Malekpour & Ball Consulting, Chapel Hill, NC and Richard Jaffe, Jaffe, Hanle, Whisonant & Knight, PC, Birmingham, AL
Moderator: Kimberly Benjamin, Benjamin Law Firm