Breakout session 3 | Document automation: How to determine if this highly evolved technology would benefit your practice

Drafting is a bottleneck and pressure point in almost every law office. Most lawyers draft new documents by finding old documents and modifying them to work for the next case or client. Frankly, this approach has a high margin of error, it’s slow, and there are superior, alternative methods. In this seminar, you’ll learn how to find and consolidate the best of your firm’s intellectual capital in a way that increases drafting speed and accuracy. The speaker will lay out the roadmap for professional template-building; and show you the spectrum of automation tools from the amazing things your word processor is already capable of to document assembly applications. For document-intensive and transactional areas of practice, improved drafting methods directly impact the bottom line and improve client satisfaction. Prepare to be amazed at the possibilities.

Speaker: Barron K. Henley, Affinity Consulting Group, Columbus, OH