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(20-06-26) Deal or No Deal: Ethics on Trial

Total Credits: 1.2 MCLE, 1.2 Ethics, 0.0 Kansas Credit

Practice Area:
Ethics |  Practice Management / Technology
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MoBarCLE, in partnership with, bring you this quality seminar.

(This is a “simulive” rebroadcast of a previously recorded presentation. The presenter will be available during the rebroadcast to answer questions.)​

Every lawyer is aware of the Rules of Professional Conduct that govern what they can and can't do - ethically.  But still, every year hundreds of lawyers find themselves running afoul of these rules. 

This presentation is your chance to refresh your own knowledge of those rules and to match wits with disciplinary authorities. 

The Comedian of Law, Joel Oster, humorously lays out the facts surrounding the ethical predicaments a number of real attorneys who played fast and loose with those ethics rules. Then, you must decide if you will take the disciplinary "deal" that Oster offers or take your chances at trial to see what penalty the disciplinary authorities actually levied! 

Real-life attorney/ethics issues covered include: inappropriate contact with jurors, fist fighting judges, lying attorneys, inappropriate romantic interludes with clients, substance abuse, and much more.

Should the attorney take the deal … or take his or her chance at trial?  You get to decide.

Originally recorded November 22, 2017.

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