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2021 IT Sourcing Agreements: Reviewing & Drafting Cloud Agreements

Total Credits: 1.2 Self Study


Original program date 9/23/2021


Virtually every organization outsources it information technology (IT) functions to third-party vendors.  Electronic files of every time – data and documents, video and audio – are stored on servers owned and maintained by third parties and located at off-site locations.  Telecom services are also commonly outsourced. The idea behind outsourcing these increasingly complex systems is that costs might be controlled and the difficulty of maintaining them becomes someone else’s task. But getting to that point lies beyond reviewing and negotiating highly complex IT outsource agreements involving performance and reliability, data security and privacy breaches, and warranty and indemnity.  This program will provide you with a practical guide to negotiating and drafting IT agreements with third-party vendors.

•    Performance standards for IT vendors, reliability, and Service Level Agreements
•    Essential warranty and indemnity provisions – and spotting red flags
•    Understanding how “The Cloud” works for contractual purposes
•    Important data security, privacy and related liability concerns 
•    Drafting the underlying equipment lease and/or software license 
•    Reviewing fee structures in IT outsourcing agreements

Note: This material qualifies for self-study credit only. Pursuant to Regulation 15.04.5, a lawyer may receive up to six hours of self-study credit in a reporting year. Self-study programs do not qualify for GAL Certification, ethics, elimination of bias or Kansas credit.


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