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2022 Taxation of Settlements & Judgments in Civil Litigation

Total Credits: 1.2 Self Study

Practice Area:
Civil Practice & Procedure |  Tax
Audio and Video


Original program date 1/12/2022

Two of the questions clients have about settlements are: Is the settlement taxable? And if so, how is the settlement treated for tax purposes?  The answers to these questions turn on the nature of the underlying claim(s) giving rise to the settlement.  Some settlements are taxed as ordinary income, subjecting income tax and employment tax withholding in certain instances.  Other types of settlements are taxable as capital gains. There are also questions related to the treatment of that portion of the settlement, if any, attributable to attorneys’ fees.  This program will provide you with a practical guide to the tax treatment of settlements in civil litigation.  

•    How the underlying claim giving rise to a settlement determines its tax treatment
•    Loss of income or gross business profit v. destruction of capital property
•    Special treatment for physical injury
•    Treatment of portion of settlement attributable to attorneys’ fees
•    Income and employment tax withholding from settlements

Note: This material qualifies for self-study credit only. Pursuant to Regulation 15.04.5, a lawyer may receive up to six hours of self-study credit in a reporting year. Self-study programs do not qualify for GAL Certification, ethics, elimination of bias or Kansas credit.

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