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2023 Efficiently working small injury cases like an expert . . . even when you aren't

Total Credits: 1.4 MCLE, 1.0 Kansas Credit

Practice Area:
Litigation / Trial Practice |  Tort
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This program was originally presented at our 2023 MOSOLO Small Firm Conference, June 8-10, 2023

Tackling an occasional small injury contingency fee case while keeping the rest of your practice running and clients happy can be a disaster without the right tools. After decades of experience, David Ransin shares guidance to avoid the stress and financial burden of learning these things the hard way!

Speaker: David W. Ransin, Ransin Injury Law, Springfield

7/12/24 Moderator: Cody Dickerson, Missouri Bar, Jefferson City

APR 1 | M. Todd Miller, Law Office of Todd Miller, LLC, Jefferson City

Opinions and positions stated by presenters of MoBarCLE programs are those of the presenters and not necessarily those of The Missouri Bar. This program is intended as information for lawyers in Missouri, in conjunction with other research they deem necessary, in the exercise of their independent judgment.



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Ransin Injury Law

David W. Ransin, founder of Ransin Injury Law, in Springfield, Missouri, as a trial lawyer since 1982, exclusively represents people and their families in catastrophic injury and death litigation after car, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian and tractor trailer crashes including many jury trials, appeals, and the Supreme Court of Missouri.


Wed, Sep 11, 2024 - 12:00pm to 01:12pm CDT

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