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2023 Going over: Employment law issues when a key employee leaves for a competitor

Total Credits: 1.2 Self Study

Practice Area:
Labor / Employment
Audio and Video


Recording available after original program date, 11/17/2023

Few things strike heart of business owners more than when a key employee departs and joins a competitor. The departing employee may have sensitive knowledge about products or services, pricing strategies, customer lists, financial or other information essential to the success of the business. If the business has planned for this eventuality, placing restrictions on key employees through a variety of agreements, any damage may be limited. But if the key employee is departing without these agreements in place, the business must rely on strategies for protecting its sensitive information. This program will provide you a real-world guide to protecting your client’s sensitive business information when a key employee departs. 

•    Conducting effective exit interviews of the departing employee.
•    Enforcing contractual provisions against disclosure of sensitive employer information.
•    Resort to statutory protections of trade secrets or “know how” when contractual protections don’t exist.
•    Understanding how employment law torts may apply to specific situations.
•    Planning in anticipation of the eventual loss of a key employee.

Note: This material qualifies for self-study credit only. Pursuant to Regulation 15.04.5, a lawyer may receive up to six hours of self-study credit in a reporting year. Self-study programs do not qualify for ethics, elimination of bias or Kansas credit.


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