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Advanced CLE

2023 Nonprofits and commercial real estate audio replay

Total Credits: 1.2 MCLE, 0.0 Kansas Credit

Practice Area:
Real Property



Nonprofit and exempt organizations are often attracted to real estate because the asset class is seen as comparatively safe yet offers opportunities for long-term appreciation and, perhaps, ongoing income. Even if these investment assumptions prove correct, real estate assets – ownership of exiting property, development of new property, or leasing activities – implicate a range of restrictions, complications, and compliance obligations. These include regulatory restrictions depending on whether the real estate investment furthers the entity’s charitable purpose or not; collaborations with for-profit joint ventures; and debt financing of investments.  This program will provide you with a real world guide to advising nonprofit and exemption organization clients about real estate activities.

•    Use of 501(c)(3) funds for real estate acquisition and development.
•    Restrictions of using nonprofit/exempt organization funds in for-profit real estate transactions.
•    Compliance issues for nonprofit/exempt organizations participating in real estate deals.
•    Planning for event something goes wrong – how to limit damage to for-profit and nonprofit.


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