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Bankruptcy Practice Deskbook Supplement


The 2015 Cumulative Supplement includes extensive coverage of bankruptcy caselaw, including important cases such as Clark v. Rameker, and how lower courts have applied them. There is coverage of the ABLE Act of 2014, Chapter 11 Trustees and Examiners, amendments to federal and district court rules, and changes in Missouri exemptions. The authors also updated fee schedules, forms and web links, and electronic filing rules.

2015 Cumulative Supplement (353 pages) $75

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1    |    Overview of Title 11
            Hon. Charles E. "Sketch" Rendlen, III
2    |    Jurisdiction, Procedure, Appeals, and Related Matters
            Steven N. Cousins and Susan K. Ehlers
3    |    Property of the Estate
            Ronald S. Weiss and Max Jevinsky
4    |    Discharge and Dischargeability
            Seth A. Albin, Brian W. Hockett, and Gwendolyn Froeschner Hart

5    |    Stays
            A. Thomas DeWoskin and Teresa A. Generous
            Thomas H. Riske (Supp.)
6    |    Avoiding Powers
            Cassandra L. Writz, Cynthia Dillard Parres, and Lee J. Viorel, III
            Purvi M. Shah (Supp.)

7    |    Chapter 7 Bankruptcies
            Charles W. Riske, Kevin Checkett, and Hon. Kathy A. Surratt-States
            Victor F. Weber (Supp.)

8    |    Chapter 11 Case Administration
            Scott J. Goldstein, Lisa A. Epps, Joel Pelofsky, and David A. Warfield
            Laura Uberti Hughes and Andrea M. Chase (Supp.)

9    |    Confirmation and Cram Down of Chapter 11 Plans
            David A. Lander, Cynthia F. Grimes, Jennifer A. Merlo,
            Hon. Dennis R. Dow, and Laurence M. Frazen
            Laura Toledo and Purvi M. Shah (Supp.)
10  |    Chapter 12 Bankruptcies
            Joel Pelofsky and Paul H. Berens
11  |    Chapter 13 Bankruptcies
            Volunteers and Staff
            Diana S. Daugherty, Richard V. Fink, and Dana M. Estes (Supp.)
12  |    Involuntary Bankruptcies
            Wendi S. Alper-Pressman and Jerald S. Enslein
13  |    Secured Claims in Bankruptcy Cases
            Abigail B. Willie
14  |    Executory Contracts and Unexpired Leases
            Gregory D. Willard, Mark G. Stingley, David M. Unseth, and
            Michelle M. Masoner
15  |    Employment of Professionals
            Gary D. Barnes and Hon. Arthur B. Federman
            Emily G. Kaufman (Supp.)
16  |    Tax Issues Arising in Bankruptcy
            Michelle Arnopol Cecil
            Harry Charles (Supp.)
17  |    An Overview of Bankruptcy Litigation
            Hon. Jerry W. Venters
            Andrew W. Muller (Supp.)   

18  |    The United States Trustee Program
            Hon. Charles E. "Sketch" Rendlen, III
            Nancy J. Gargula (Supp.)

19    |   Bankruptcy Filing—Electronic Case Filing
            Dana C. McWay, Sandra F. Louis, Paula C. Acconcia, and
            Roberta Kostrow
            Gary D. Streeting and Robert J. Lawson (Supp.)

2015 Forms CD
Chapter 9—Confirmation and Cram Down of Chapter 11 Plans 
Contents—Checklist  |   §9.5
Official Form 14  |   §9.89

Chapter 11—Chapter 13 Bankruptcies

Statement of Current Monthly Income and Calculation of Commitment Period andDisposable Income  |   §11.19
Debtor’s Certification of Completion of Instructional Course Concerning PersonalFinancial Management  |  §11.20

Eastern District:
Local Implementation Order  |   §11.21
Model Chapter 13 Plan Form  |  §11.22
Mandatory Consent Order and Stipulation in Settlement of Motion for Relief From Stay   |   §11.23

Western District:
Chapter 13 Plan and Plan Summary   |   §11.24
MOW 2016-1.2 Form, Motion for Post-Confirmation Fees  |  §11.25