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Criminal Code 2014 Revision History & Overview Guidebook

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In 2014, the Missouri General Assembly passed Senate Bill 491, followed closely by House Bill 1371. The provisions of both bills will take effect January 1, 2017. Work on a revision of the Criminal Code was initiated in 2008 by a subcommittee of The Missouri Bar’s Criminal Law Committee. The proposed Revised Code recommended by The Missouri Bar Criminal Code Review Subcommittee served as the foundation for all subsequent legislative efforts. 

Legislative consideration of the proposed Revised Code began in 2012, spanned three legislative sessions, and concluded in 2014.This publication, the first in a series of guidebooks on the 2014 Revisions, is authored by attorneys Eric D. Jennings, who was chief of staff to Senator Bob Dixon of Springfield; LeslieAnn O. Korte, legislative analyst with the Research Division of the Missouri House of Representatives; and Meghan Maskery Luecke, staff attorney for the Missouri Senate Division of Research. 

This Guidebook summarizes the legislative changes, explains their effect and importance, and provides background to put the extensive changes to Missouri's criminal code into context. 

2015 (188 pages)

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