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Environmental Issues & Federal Regulations Affecting Real Estate Guidebook

Practice Area:
Real Property


Owners and operators of real property are generally responsible for contamination of the property, regardless of when or by whom the contamination was caused. This book begins by summarizing the federal and Missouri environmental laws that may be implicated in a sale or lease of commercial or industrial property.  Additional sections discuss how environmental issues can be identified and assessed during real estate transactions, while providing recommendations for preparing documents for the transfer of commercial or industrial properties. The second chapter covers the expanding body of federal regulations applicable to real estate transactions, including disclosure requirements, RESPA, FTC issues, civil rights issues, the ADA, and more. The electronic versions include sample forms in word-processing format.

2011 (192 pages)

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  • Indemnification Between Lessor and Lessee  |   §55
  • Indemnification From Buyer to Seller  |   §54
  • Indemnification From Seller to Buyer   |   §53