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Missouri Evidence sixth edition includes new developments in the law.  This edition was developed by practicing attorneys and judges into a more narrative format with explanations and overviews of the law, as well as practical applications of evidence. 

6th edition (2017) 540 pages

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1 | Introduction
Benjamin Borengasser

2 | Relevancy and Admissibility
John W. Kurtz

3 | Burden of Proof
Theresa A. Appelbaum

4 | Substitutes for Proof
Joseph W. Wantuck

5 | Weight and Sufficiency
Robert K. Kerr

6 | Objections and Rulings on Evidence
Richard L. Rollings, Jr. 

7 | Attendance of Witnesses
T. Bennett Burkemper, Jr.

8 | Competency of Witnesses
Christian L. Faiella

9 | Examination of Witnesses
Hon. Jalilah Otto and Kaeanna Wood 

10 | Credibility and Impeachment of Witnesses
Jonathan T. Barton 

11 | Character Evidence
Sandra J. Wunderlich

12 | Habit, Custom, Routine Practice, Similar Happenings
James R. Wyrsch, Stephen G. Mirakian and
Sheena A. Foye

13 | Admissibility of Subsequent Remedial Measures, Insurance Coverage, Settlements, Plea Bargains, and Collateral Payment of Medical Expenses
Eric G. Jensen

14 | Privileges
Robert Herman, Mary E. Davidson, and Jeffrey A. Goldfarb

15 | Hearsay
James D. Boggs

16 | Hearsay Exceptions
Hon. Deborah Daniels 

17 | Opinion Evidence and Expert Testimony
Timothy W. Monsees

18 | Documents
Mo Bar Staff 

19 | Other Real and Demonstrative Evidence
Keith A. Cutler

20 | Scientific Evidence
Patrick J. Hagerty

21 | Digital Evidence
Stephen R. Welby and Aubree Jehle

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