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Guardianships and Conservatorships 2nd Ed. Guidebook


Guardianships and Conservatorships, 2nd Edition, 2020, is a comprehensive guide to Missouri’s adult guardianship and conservatorship law and incorporates major changes to Chapter 475, enacted via Senate Bill 806, 99th Gen. Assembly, 2nd Reg. Sess. (2018), effective August 28, 2018. This publication outlines the processes and related issues involved in filing guardianships and conservatorships, including:

  • Formulation of limited guardianship or conservatorship
  • ​The adjudication process & hearing procedures
  • Supported decision making and the least restrictive environment
  • The extent to which an individual’s civil rights are interdicted by adjudication
  • Statutory preference on whom to appoint as guardian or conservator  
  • Qualifications, duties, and power of a guardian or conservator
  • Emergency Guardians and Conservators ad Litem
  • Sample Inventory and Appraisement Form

2020 (58 pages)

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Sample Inventory and Appraisement Form  §9.N




Chapter 1          Introduction

Chapter 2          Selecting the Least Restrictive Approach

Chapter 3          Adjudication Process

Chapter 4          Hearing Procedures

Chapter 5          Annual Review of Ward’s Status

Chapter 6          Removal, Successors, and Transfer

Chapter 7          Powers and Duties of Guardian of Person

Chapter 8          Accomplishing Financial Protection Without  Appointing                                                Conservator

Chapter 9          Powers and Duties of Conservator