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2021 How to stay “professional” when videoconferencing: It’s not as hard as you think!

Total Credits: 1.2 MCLE, 1.2 Ethics, 1.0 Kansas Credit, 1.0 Kansas Ethics

Practice Area:
Ethics |  Practice Management / Technology
Audio and Video



Videoconferencing is supposed to be the pandemic equivalent to in-person meetings, from meeting with a client to appearing before a judge. It is equivalent, in the sense that you can still  meet or network “in-person,” but the person is encapsulated in a tiny square. It isn’t equivalent when you realize that most participants are sitting at home in the corner of their bedroom or at the dining room table surrounded by toys and dishes pushed out of sight, or in a corner of the family room as other family members come and go. They are not moving from their workspace to another room for the meeting. Instead, they are joining the meeting from the same device they work and play on, probably dressed in a work top and casual bottoms. The casualness and sameness of their locale invites distractions. Distractions offer the opportunity to forget to be professional. This webinar will discuss what it means to be “professional,” offer examples of lawyers being unprofessional, and offer some suggestions as to how to project professionalism online.

You will learn:

  • How professionalism is defined 
  • Why it is important to always be professional in online meetings
  • Examples of unprofessional behavior
  • Tips for projecting professionalism 



Carol Schiro Greenwald, PhD's Profile

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Carol Schiro Greenwald, Ph.D. is a marketing and management strategist, trainer and business development coach. She works with professionals and professional service firms to structure and implement growth programs that are targeted, strategic and practical. Her book, Strategic Networking for Introverts, Extroverts and Everyone In-between (American Bar Association, Law Practice Division, 2019) forms the basis for a training and coaching program that links business development networking activities with both personal and firm goals.
Carol helps individuals and firms structure their practice around their clients. Her approach is captured in her book, Build Your Practice the Logical Way – Maximize Your Client Relationships (with Steven Skyles-Mulligan, American Bar Association, 2012) which provides a guide to growing a practice by focusing on best clients, understanding their perspective, creating client-focused communication and process protocols and prospecting for new clients similar to the best clients.


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