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Juvenile Law Deskbook with 2021 Supplement

Practice Area:
Family |  Juvenile


Presenting a complete and up-to-date discussion of virtually all of the issues arising in juvenile law, Missouri Juvenile Law is written by some of the state's most experienced juvenile law practitioners, including professors, directors of clinics for families and children, legal counsel for juvenile officers, and family court commissioners and judges. This authoritative reference covers:

  • The role of the juvenile office
  • Rights of the child and role of counsel
  • Abuse and neglect proceedings
  • Status offenses
  • Delinquency proceedings
  • Termination of parental rights
  • Jurisdiction issues
  • Treatment alternatives
  • Forms and more

4th edition, 2011 (548 pages) 

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Checklist for Case Preparation  |  §6.67
Motion and Order to Dismiss  |  §13.24
Motion for Release From Detention Upon Change of Circumstances  |  §13.23
Probation Agreement Form  |  §16.20
Search Warrant  |  §13.25
Standards for Guardian ad Litem  |  §2.13




1 | The Juvenile Office
Mary Kay O´Malley
2 | Right to Counsel and Role of Counsel
Teresa Rieger Housholder

3 | Rights of the Child
Lara M. Underwood

4 | Rights of Parents and Custodians
Kelly J. DeLuca

5 | Rights of Victims and Witnesses in Delinquency Proceedings
Elizabeth K. Magee and Christopher D. Wilson

6 | Child Abuse and Neglect
Douglas E. Abrams
7 | Delinquency
Melissa L. McAllister

8 | Status Offenses
Bradley P. Grill

9 | Termination of Parental Rights
Mary Kay O`Malley

10 | Jurisdiction and Venue
Patricia A. Harrison

11 | Special Juvenile Court Jurisdiction Issues
Penny J. Umstattd-Cope

12 | Prehearing Procedures
Brian Sinclair

13 | Miscellaneous Motions, Examinations, and Records
Maureen M. Monaghan

14 | Prosecution Under General Law
Daniel G. Barry

15 | Conduct of Hearing
Sara C. Michael

16 | Treatment Alternatives - Delinquency
Geoffrey E. Allen
17 | Treatment Alternatives - Neglect and Abuse
Lora E. Cooper
18 | Interagency Cooperation and Continued Supervision
James D. Beck


Chapter 2—Right to Counsel and Role of Counsel
Standards for Guardian ad Litem  |  §2.13

Chapter 6—Child Abuse and Neglect
Checklist for Case Preparation  |  §6.67

Chapter 13—Miscellaneous Motions, Examinations, and Records
Motion for Release From Detention Upon Change of Circumstances  |  §13.23
Motion and Order to Dismiss  |  §13.24
Search Warrant  |  §13.25

Chapter 16—Treatment Alternatives—Delinquency
Sample Probation Agreement Form  |  §16.20