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Merchandising Practices Act Guidebook


The Missouri Merchandising Practices Act (MMPA) is the premier consumer-protection statute. Authors Debra K. Lumpkins and Creighton J. Cohn bring a wealth of experience to this guidebook. Learn how to protect your client from a long list of unfair and deceptive acts and practices. Find out how to recover damages, including punitive damages and attorney fees. Get definitions and details on the MMPA cause of action and considerations for filing suit under the MMPA. Included in the guidebook are a practitioner’s checklist and chapters on Attorney General actions and criminal prosecutions.

2013 (70 pages)

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1   |   Introduction
2   |   The MPA Cause of Action
3   |   Filing Suit Under the MPA
4   |   Actions by the Attorney General
5   |   Criminal Prosecution
6   |   Practitioner's Checklist