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Probate Shortcuts--Dispensing with or Terminating Administration Guidebook


Examine simple statutory procedures that are available to avoid the time and expense of a full probate administration, including:

  • Refusal of letters to a creditor
  • Refusal of letters to a surviving spouse and minor or dependent children
  • Termination of administration
  • Small-estate procedures
  • Determination of heirship

Probate Shortcuts—Dispensing With or Terminating Administration originally appeared as a chapter in the MoBarCLE Deskbook, Missouri Estate Administration.

2nd Ed. 2018 (28 pages)

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1   |   Introduction

2   |   Establishing the Fact of Death of Record

3   |   Refusal of Letters to Surviving Spouse and Minor, or Dependent Children

4   |   Refusal of Letters to Creditor

5   |   Termination of Administration

6   |   Small-Estate Procedures

7   |   Determination of Heirship

8   |   Perfecting Title When No Administration

9   |   Dispensing with Administration -- Nonresident Decedents