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Professional Licensing Guidebook


The professional conduct of 430,000 members of various professions in Missouri is regulated by 41 licensing offices, boards, and commissions within the Division of Professional Registration.  This Guidebook provides an overview of professional licensing in Missouri, a discussion of practice and procedure involving licensing and discipline of professionals, and a summary of:

  • Administrative Procedure and Review, Chapter 536, RSMo
  • Proceedings before the Administrative Hearing Commission, Chapter 621, RSMo
  • Statutes generally governing all boards that are part of the Division of Professional Registration, with respect to finances, licensing, renewals, and specific oversight of some limited boards, Chapter 324, RSMo
  • Caselaw specifically addressing professional practice

2018 (47) pages

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Chapter 1  |       Introduction 

Chapter 2  |       Overview of Professional Licensing

Chapter 3  |      Professional Licensing Boards and the Administrative Hearing Commissionl

Chapter 4   |     Disciplinary Actions

Chapter 5   |      Appeals from Discipline

Chapter 6    |     Prevailing Party Attorney Fees

Chapter 7    |     Other Actions