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Advanced CLE

WebCredenza 2024 Evidentiary issues with text and “chat” messages

Total Credits: 1.2 MCLE, 0.0 Kansas Credit



Text messaging is mainstream. Clients generate virtual reams of data when they message with business partners, vendors, employees, and even public. This is a rich vein of electronically stored information that is potentially discoverable in formal litigation or pre-litigation.  Because texting is so convenient, casual and almost reflexive, the caution clients exercise in other forms of communication are often disregarded when texting, including when they text with their lawyers. This program will provide you with a practical guide to obtaining text messages, the risks of discovery in litigation, and related issues.

  • Obtaining text messages – working with mobile carriers.
  • Timing – how long are texts kept and in what form? 
  • Discovery issues – obtaining texts from parties or other sources.
  • Issues related to encrypted messaging services.
  • How strategies differ for plaintiffs and defendants.

Opinions and positions stated by presenters of MoBarCLE programs are those of the presenters and not necessarily those of The Missouri Bar. This program is intended as information for lawyers in Missouri, in conjunction with other research they deem necessary, in the exercise of their independent judgment.


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