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Workers' Compensation Law Vol 2 Deskbook

Practice Area:
Workers' Comp


New 2020 Deskbook! The 5th Edition of Workers' Compensation Law Practice Vol 2 is packed with information researched, written, and reviewed by Missouri lawyers specifically for those who practice workers' compensation law in Missouri. This is the second volume of a two volume publication which includes topics such as:

  • Procedure and Proceedings
  •  Third-Party Practice and Subrogation
  •  Liens and Offsets
  •  Insurance Pricing and Insurance Regulation
  •  Costs, Penalties and Attorney Fees
  •  Choice of Jurisdiction
  •  Line of Duty Compensation Benefits

5th edition (2020) 296 pages

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Chapter 11, Systems and Procedures of Counsel for the Employee
Workers’ Compensation Intake Sheet | §11.48
Medicare Set-Aside Account | §11.49
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Authorization | §11.50
Social Security Administration Consent for Release of Information | §11.51
Letter to the Health Care Provider | §11.52

Chapter 12, Answering the Claim for Compensation: Completion and Investigation
Form 22—Answer to Claim for Compensation | §12.20

Chapter 14, Liens and Offsets
Petition to Reduce a MO HealthNet Lien | §14.9





  9 | Procedure and Proceedings
10 | Third-Party Practice and Subrogation
11 | Systems and Procedures of Counsel for the Employee

12 | Answering the Claim for Compensation: Completion and Investigation

13 |Choice of Jurisdiction

14 | Liens and Offsets

15 | Insurance, Insurance Pricing, and Insurance Regulation

16 | Costs, Penalties, and Attorney Fees

17 | Criminal Aspects

18 | Line of Duty Compensation Benefits