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Arnold Shienvold

Riegler, Shienvold & Associates

Arnie Shienvold is a psychologist who specializes in interventions with high conflict families. Arnie conducts custody evaluations, provides Parenting Coordination, Family Mediation and litigation support. He is a former president of AFCC and serves as Chairman on the task force revising the Model Standards for Comprehensive Custody Evaluations.

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2021 Annual Family Law Conference Video Recording & Course Materials | Self-Study

Practice Area:
Family |  GAL |  Juvenile
Speaker Bio:
Seth Albin |  Katherine Badertscher |  Susan Block |  Nicole Bridges Follmer |  Martha Brown |  Jennifer Brown |  Alisse Camazine |  Anne Chambers |  ....
30 Hours 14 Minutes
$340.00 - Price

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