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Cody Weyhofen

Seigfreid Bingham PC

After graduating from law school in 2020, Cody joined Seigfreid Bingham PC as a commercial litigator. Cody represents clients in a multitude of areas, including employment law, human resource management, contract disputes, regulatory compliance, commercial transactions, licensing, data privacy, intellectual property, and tax planning.

Cody has always had an interest in artificial intelligence and its seemingly unlimited possibilities. While in school, he authored "Scaling the Meta-Mountain: Deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithms and the Computer Authorship Debate" 87 UMKC L. Rev. 979 (2018-2019). There, he delves into how newer forms of artificial intelligence display signs of creativity deserving of copyright protection, explains why the current copyright framework is ill-equipped to afford such protection, and proposes a solution that not only incentivizes the continued use of artificial intelligence but also prepares for a future in which artificially intelligent beings have the same rights and protections as we do.

Cody attended the University of Missouri–Kansas City School of Law where he excelled at the top of his class, served on the UMKC Law Review Board of Directors, was a member of the National Moot Court Team, and was inducted into the National Order of the Barristers for excellence in oral advocacy and brief-writing skills.