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Hon. Deborah Daniels

13th Judicial Circuit Court

Hon. Deborah Daniels serves as a senior judge, after almost 12 years as an ACJ. She was an adjunct professor of law from 1983-2013. Before joining the bench, she was chief counsel at the Missouri Attorney General's Office and was an assistant prosecuting attorney in Boone County. She is an ASTAR (NCSI) judge.

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2021 I Don't Have Any Unconscious Bias; at Least, Not That I Am Aware Of!

Total Credits: 1.1 MCLE, 1.1 Ethics, 1.1 Elimination of Bias, 1.0 Kansas Credit, 1.0 Kansas Ethics

Practice Area:
Elimination of Bias |  Ethics
Speaker Bio:
Hon. Deborah Daniels |  Hon. Gary Oxenhandler
57 Minutes
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