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Erica Grigg

Texas Lawyers’ Assistance Program

Since receiving her JD from The University of Texas School of Law and her law license in 2001, Erica Grigg has gained work experience as a criminal prosecutor; general counsel in the Texas Legislature; Special Assistant to the Chancellor of Texas Tech University; and as a personal injury, civil rights, and wrongful death litigator at Spivey & Grigg, LLP. She has appeared on HLN and CNN for commentary regarding her involvement in high-profile civil rights cases. Erica is presently pursuing a master’s in Clinical Mental Health, expected in 2022. She is currently Director at the Texas Lawyers’ Assistance Program where she helps connect judges, lawyers, and law students to the mental health and substance abuse recovery resources they need. Erica attended the 2018 Academy Awards for her role as plaintiff’s counsel in an Oscar nominated HBO short documentary, Traffic Stop