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Kendra Chappell

Kendra Chappell is a writer, collaborator, and theater director who is committed to the abundance and multiplicity offered in story. She is passionate about unbinding stories buried by privilege or convenience: the narratives that have too often been deliberately dismantled or omitted by the oppressor. 
With a BS in Education-certified in English and Theater, a Masters in Counseling, and a background in social work, Kendra previously served and created for 32 years as a public high school theater teacher, an adjunct educator for MSU, and as a guest director at Springfield Little Theatre. With the focus of arts integration and charity, Kendra has crafted theater with deaf and hearing impaired; generated mission through productions and funding for local, state, national, and international philanthropic organizations; and crafted ensemble executed excellence through trust and collaboration earning the most Missouri State High School Theater State Championships and the opportunities to perform at the International Theatre Festival in Edinburgh,Scotland. 
Kendra Chappell believes in healing theater, truth-telling, community, and hope.