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Kendra Lane

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

Kendra Lane is currently the Director of Elections at the Missouri Secretary of State. Prior to being the Director of Elections Mrs. Lane practiced law for eight years, focusing mostly on family law and criminal defense, with a brief stint working for the Missouri Department of Revenue in the transportation department.

Being the daughter of an over-the-road truck driver the issues that face the nation’s truck drivers and the issues with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) are near and dear to her. In 2010 when the FMCSA started to change how points were kept and implemented Mrs. Lane started to delve into the ways in which she could help the nations drivers. Since then she has attempted to stay current on the changes to the FMCSA and the impact is has on the nation’s commercial motor vehicle drivers. It has been her great honor to be asked to speak on the issue and if you have any questions she is more than happy to help.