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Krystal Weigl

BiState Law Center

Krystal Weigl is a St. Louis based litigator who believes improving the justice system requires hard conversations about individual lawyer well being. Bored with outdated and unhelpful notions around making lemonade out of lemons, she's identified a second Lemon Law based option: when law gives you lemons, send them back.

Product Type
Hybrid Conference

2022 27th Annual Missouri Lawyers’ Assistance Conference

Total Credits: 7.4 MCLE, 6.4 Ethics

Practice Area:
Ethics |  Lawyer Well-being
Nadine Atkinson-Flowers |  Hon. Becky Borthwick |  Gary Burger |  Anne Chambers |  Brendan Cournane |  Jennifer Hargis |  Hugh O'Donnell |  Lauren Tucker McCubbin |  ....
8 Hours
$54.00 - In-Person Registration

Fri, Nov 04, 2022 - 08:30am to 04:30pm CDT

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