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Kylar Broadus

Kylar W. Broadus, Attorney at Law

Kylar W. Broadus is a Black trans man that has been a pioneer in the movement as an attorney, long-time activist, public speaker, author and professor. Broadus is known worldwide for his avant-garde work in the LGBT and Trans movements.

Broadus has enjoyed a prolific career as an activist, writer, lawyer, professor and public speaker. He’s worked as Operations Officer at Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund. He was Director of the Transgender Civil Rights Project and Senior Counsel at the National LGBTQ Task Force. As an attorney, Broadus practiced with a focus on LGBTQ law, particularly transgender rights but has represented all types of clients. This was at a time when other lawyers would not take any of these cases. He received referrals from the National Center for Lesbian Rights, Transgender Law Center, Lambda Legal and the ACLU. He was as a full professorship at Lincoln, a historically black college and university in Missouri. 

He has done trainings for just about every profession. Broadus continues to impact work on the local, state and national level including his work on the Equality Act which Speaker Nancy Pelosi plans to introduce in the 116th Congress. He’s also working on the military trans ban implemented by the current administration with partners from GLAD and the National Center for Lesbian Rights. 

This list encompasses some of Mr. Broadus’ accomplishments. You can find out more information at or email us at In addition to activism and law practice, teaching at a historically black college and university for almost two decades helped shape the world in yet another way for me with the proud heritage of inspiring so many students just to be themselves, and many to become lawyers and legislators is one of Broadus’ greatest legacy.

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