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Martin Klug

Huck Howe & Tobin

Martin Klug has represented Missouri employers in workers’ compensation litigation for more than 30 years.  He obtained his law degree at St. Louis University and is a  member of the Missouri, Illinois, and Florida bar.  He has written several books, and he is a regular speaker for the Mo Bar and other groups on emerging legal issues related to work injuries.   He lives in St. Louis with his family and two freeloading cats.  He is working on a new book about film noir. 

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2023 CLE Express

Total Credits: 15.1 MCLE, 4.0 Ethics, 1.0 Elimination of Bias, 8.0 Kansas Credit, 4.0 Kansas Ethics

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2023 Annual Law Update

Total Credits: 10.1 MCLE, 1.0 Ethics, 8.0 Kansas Credit, 1.0 Kansas Ethics

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2023 Annual Workers' Compensation Institute

Practice Area:
Elimination of Bias |  Ethics |  Workers' Comp
Rodney Campbell |  Nimrod Chapel |  Kevin Johnson |  Dr. Daniel B. Kissinger |  Martin Klug |  Pamela Lewis |  Ryan Marsh |  Jonathan McQuilkin |  ....
6 Hours 18 Minutes
Audio and Video
$250.00 - Price

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