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Prof. Patricia Fry

University of Missouri-Columbia

Patricia Fry retired in 2007 after 30 years of teaching commercial law. She is the Edward W. Hinton Professor of Law Emeritus at the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law.  

From 1990 to 1994, Professor Fry chaired the Subcommittee on Electronic Commercial Practices of the Uniform Commercial Code Committee, ABA Business Law Section. That Subcommittee grew quickly under her leadership and now is the Cyberspace Committee of the ABA Business Law Section.

After her appointment to the Uniform Law Commission in 1991, Professor Fry served on Drafting Committees to revise UCC Article 2 and for the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act. She chaired the Drafting Committee for the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act.  

In 2000, upon her move to the University of Missouri-Columbia, she was appointed to the Uniform Law Commission [ULC] for Missouri and continued to serve on a variety of study and drafting committees. Now a life member of the ULC, she most recently chaired the Drafting Committee to Revise the Uniform Law on Notarial Acts and its subsequent amendments. She currently is a member emeritus of the Permanent Editorial Board for the Uniform Commercial Code, and a member of the Drafting Committee for the Public Meetings During Emergencies Act and the Study Committees on Mortgage Modifications and Public Health Emergency Authorities. She is a member of the Uniform Law Commission’s Committee to Monitor Developments in Technology.

Throughout her career, Professor Fry has spoken and written on the subject of the relation between commercial transactions and practices, electronic technologies and the law.