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Timothy Roldan

Law Offices Timothy W. Roldan, LLC

Tim Roldan is a professional hybrid with graduate and post-graduate educational tracks and training in the Biopsychosocial Model (Social Work), Law, and Psychodynamic Theory. He maintains private practices as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and also as a Licensed Attorney. Tim is a Certified Clinical Social Work Super-visor, provides Ethics Mediation, Nationally, for the NASW Leadership (OEPR), and is serving his second term as a member of the NASWMO Board of Directors. As an Attorney he is Certified in Health Law, a Certified GAL, a Mediator, a Parent Coordinator, provides forensic services, consultations, and forensic supervision to therapists across the State of Missouri. He is also the recipient of the Family Rights and Equal Parenting Award (2021): “Award and Leadership Recognition For Equal Parenting & Family Court Reform Advocacy.”

Tim’s cross-disciplinary integration offers him insights and expertise in a number of areas embedded within the Mental Health and Legal Professions. His focus on Social Justice is client-centered and, with his unique qualifications, he is in development of innovative approaches in civil litigation and pertaining to psychothera-peutic tools and theory based on the systemic nexus that may lay hidden, yet are omnipresent, in therapeu-tic process(es) and litigation.