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William Wear

Wear & Wear

Billy Wear is an attorney, mediator, addiction consultant and interventionist, minister and a marriage and family counselor.

Billy has been assisting Missouri attorneys, judges and their families with addiction and codependency issues and for over 40 years. Billy co-founded the Hawaii Bar Association’s Lawyers & Judges Assistance Program and Intervention Committee and has served on the Missouri Supreme Court Intervention Committee for the past 23 years. In 2013 Billy received the Missouri Bar Association’s Warren Welliver Award exemplifying compassion and concern for impaired lawyers in Missouri.

Billy has taught undergraduate and graduate classes in the areas of addiction, co-dependency, recovery, meditation and mindfulness at Missouri State University, Chaminade University, University of Hawaii, Antioch University, Drury University and the Forrest Institute of Psychology. He has been a presenter and speaker at the following state, national and international conferences: the National Wellness Conference; the American Holistic Medical Association Conference; the World Conference on Logo Therapy; the American Holistic Nurses Association Conference; the International Conference on Family and Conciliation Courts; the Hawaii Bar Association’s Family Law Section Conference; the Missouri Bar Association’s Annual Conference; the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists annual conference; and the International Conference of the Pacific Social Science Institute.

Billy has authored 3 books, Recovering From Divorce…And The Horse You Rode In On!, Golf Therapy and Happy, Joyous & Free – Transforming relationship drama, heartache and pain into love, understanding and intimacy.