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2023 Overcoming ethical challenges in mediation and other ADR

Total Credits: 1.1 MCLE, 1.1 Ethics, 1.0 Kansas Credit, 1.0 Kansas Ethics

Practice Area:
ADR |  Ethics
Audio and Video



This webinar will address ethical challenges in mediation and other ADR, including pre and post-communications with one or more of the parties.
The presentation will involve an overview of the following:

•    Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators
•    Rules of Professional Conduct with a focus on confidentiality, diligence, competence, and technology
•    Common and not so common ethical challenges in mediation and other ADR

In discussing the rules, guidelines and standards, the presentation will discuss why confidentiality often applicable to ADR does not relieve attorney-advocates and neutrals from ethical obligations, including civility, professionalism, and representations regarding material facts. When difficult circumstances arise in connection with ADR, neutrals should be aware of options for addressing the circumstances, including when terminating a mediation or ADR session is appropriate. The webinar will include specific ethical challenges, including in connection with the increased use of technology.

Speaker & Moderator: Laurel E. Stevenson, Director, Federal District Court, Kansas City



Laurel Stevenson's Profile

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Director, Federal District Court

Laurel Stevenson is the Director of the Mediation and Assessment Program (MAP) for the United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri. Prior to joining the Court, Laurel was a litigator for more than two decades, and served as a Facilitator for the Missouri Bar's Complaint Resolution Program and Fee Dispute Resolution Program in addition to serving as an arbitrator or mediator. In 2023, she was selected as Fellow to the Dispute Resolution Committee of the American Bar Association and serves on the Court ADR Committee. She has conducted hundreds of mediations, including more than 250 via Zoom.

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