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Military Issues in Family Law Guidebook

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Increased military deployments in recent years have brought a corresponding increased need for information on how this can affect family law matters. The second edition of this Guidebook by author Douglas C. Fredrick, a solo practitioner in Springfield and a JAG officer, features updated analysis, new chapters, and an expanded discussion of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. The Guidebook includes an overview of: 

•    statutes pertaining to servicemembers under Chapter 452, RSMo; 
•    serving a servicemember; 
•    tolling of statutes of limitations;  
•    protections for custody cases;
•    financial benefits available to servicepersons; 
•    division of military retired pay;  
•    and more.

2nd ed. 2017 (50 pages)

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Mr. Fredrick received both his Bachelors in Business Administration and Juris Doctor from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Before entering private practice, Mr. Fredrick had the opportunity to clerk for the Honorable Cheryl Rosen in Independence, Missouri. In his second year of practice, he had the distinct opportunity to argue before the Southern District Court of Appeals and the Missouri Supreme Court. In 2005 he accepted a commission in the Army Reserves as a JAG officer and graduated from the United States Army Judge Advocate General School in Charlottesville, Virginia later that year. After practicing with Fredrick, Rogers, & Vaughn, P.C. in Springfield, Missouri for five years, Mr. Fredrick started a solo practice in 2008.




1   |   Locating a Servicemember
2   |   Servicing a Servicemember
3   |   Servicemembers Civil Relief Act
4   |   Tolling of Statutes of Limitations, Enforcement of Servicemembers Civil
               Relief Act, and Custody Case Protections
5   |   Statutes Pertaining to Servicemembers Under Chapter 452, RSMo
6   |   Division of Military Retired Pay
7   |   Thrift Savings Plan
8   |   Survivor Benefit Plan
9   |   Transitional Compensation
10 |   Interim Financial Support