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Military Issues in Family Law Guidebook

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Increased military deployments in recent years have brought a corresponding increased need for information on how this can affect family law matters. The second edition of this Guidebook by author Douglas C. Fredrick, a solo practitioner in Springfield and a JAG officer, features updated analysis, new chapters, and an expanded discussion of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. The Guidebook includes an overview of: 

•    statutes pertaining to servicemembers under Chapter 452, RSMo; 
•    serving a servicemember; 
•    tolling of statutes of limitations;  
•    protections for custody cases;
•    financial benefits available to servicepersons; 
•    division of military retired pay;  
•    and more.

2nd ed. 2017 (50 pages)

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1   |   Locating a Servicemember
2   |   Servicing a Servicemember
3   |   Servicemembers Civil Relief Act
4   |   Tolling of Statutes of Limitations, Enforcement of Servicemembers Civil
               Relief Act, and Custody Case Protections
5   |   Statutes Pertaining to Servicemembers Under Chapter 452, RSMo
6   |   Division of Military Retired Pay
7   |   Thrift Savings Plan
8   |   Survivor Benefit Plan
9   |   Transitional Compensation
10 |   Interim Financial Support

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