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Wendee Elliott-Clement

SouthLaw, PC

Wendee Elliott-Clement is a senior attorney at SouthLaw, PC, a creditors firm located in Overland Park, KS. She received a BS from Vanderbilt University, and a JD from UMKC and currently practices bankruptcy law in Missouri (Western and Eastern District), Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa (Northern and Southern District).


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2021 Annual Bankruptcy Institute

Practice Area:
Bankruptcy |  Civil Practice & Procedure |  Tax
Speaker Bio:
Matthew Barberich |  Tracy Brown |  Hon. Bonnie Clair |  Diana Daugherty |  Corrine Edwards |  Robert Eggmann |  Wendee Elliott-Clement |  Coleman Ellis |  ....
5 Hours 56 Minutes
Audio and Video
$235.00 - Price

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